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January 29
17:08 2024
With the most advanced air filtration technology in production, SUNHOUSE has launched a new generation of SUNHOUSE kitchen hoods with superior air cleaning ability. It has affirmed Sunhouse’s leadership in the field of kitchen equipment.

Hanoi – January 29, 2024 – SUNHOUSE is a leading brand of kitchen equipment that brings standards of modern technology. Supported by Korean standards and the latest global technology, Sunhouse brings optimal solutions for each household’s meals.

Besides, kitchen equipment such as SUNHOUSE kitchen hood is applied with modern technology to meet the needs of consumers. This is considered an important breakthrough that helps improve production capacity and strengthen SUNHOUSE’s leading position in the kitchen equipment market. is proud to introduce the outstanding features and benefits of its kitchen range hood line.

Advanced ventilation technology

SUNHOUSE’s range hoods boast modern ventilation technology that ensures the kitchen is free of smoke and odors. Powerful machine capacity combined with four wind modes quickly removes smoke, odors, and grease from the kitchen.

Besides, the plasma air filter found in SUNHOUSE’s range hood can remove up to 95% of pollutants in the air. Thanks to that, the machine not only removes odors but also filters out dirt, bacteria, grease molecules… bringing fresh air.

Beautiful and modern design

Designed with a focus on aesthetics, SUNHOUSE has launched many lines of range hoods. Range hoods have a modern design with curved glass and powder-coated metal shells, exuding luxury. Depending on style and usage needs, users can choose the appropriate model.

The machine operates smoothly and has a low noise level, so it does not cause noise or annoyance during use. With a compact, elegant design, the SUNHOUSE range hood will be the perfect highlight for a modern kitchen space.

Energy saving

SUNHOUSE always aims for sustainability and energy saving in each product. Therefore, when launching SUNHOUSE range hoods, they were equipped with advanced BLDC motor technology combined with an effective heat dissipation system. Condenser energy consumption is only extremely low: 255kWh/year, helping you save maximum monthly electricity costs.

At the same time, the machine also contributes to environmental protection by operating with low emissions and not using toxic substances such as chrysotile.

Smart connection

Welcoming the era of smart homes, SUNHOUSE integrates smart features into their range hoods. The machine is equipped with many smart modes such as timer, automatic mode… to help operate flexibly and conveniently. In particular, with automatic hood mode, the machine will automatically increase/decrease power following the level of air pollution.

There is also a mode to absorb odors when cooking and a mode to clean the filter net.

Warranty Policy

SUNHOUSE is committed to providing customers with the most professional warranty process. All SUNHOUSE range hood products are warranted for 18 months from the date of activation. If the technical error is caused by the manufacturer, SUNHOUSE commits to repair and fix it completely free of charge for customers.

SUNHOUSE hopes this warranty policy will bring peace of mind and satisfaction to all customers who have trusted and used SUNHOUSE products.


SUNHOUSE has earned prestigious awards over the years, including “Tin & Dung Viet Nam,” “Hang Viet Nam chat luong cao” and “Thuong hieu manh Viet Nam.” These accolades serve as clear evidence of customer trust in the SUNHOUSE brand and act as a motivation for continuous technological improvement and product quality enhancement. SUNHOUSE continues to elevate the standard of kitchen appliances, offering a perfect blend of style, innovation, and functionality. For more information on SUNHOUSE’s diverse product range and commitment to quality, please visit

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