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Sungold HP-S 200W Solar Panel Receives TÜV Certification, Leading New Industry Standard

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Sungold HP-S 200W Solar Panel Receives TÜV Certification, Leading New Industry Standard

January 19
07:22 2024

Sungold Solar is leading the solar industry standard! In January 2024, Sungold HP-S 200W portable solar panel successfully passed the TÜV IEC TS63163 certification, becoming the global first solar products to comply with this standard.

This certification is the latest technical specification for PV modules, which imposes higher requirements on product performance, reliability and safety, and is a new quality benchmark for the solar industry.

About TÜV IEC TS 63163

IEC TS 63163 is a technical specification for design qualification and type certification of ground-mounted photovoltaic modules for consumer products issued in 2021 by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

As PV modules for consumer products may be subject to multiple deployments, drops and stresses during use, IEC TS 63163 provides a higher and more stringent test for their mechanical durability, and is the most globally recognized and widely used international standard for industrial-grade PV products.

The Sungold R&D Manager said, “We have been actively working towards the highest standards in the industry in the hope of creating solar panels with higher performance, more reliable quality, and more peace of mind for consumers, and the passing of the IEC TS 63163 certification is the best proof of the R&D team’s continuous pursuit of high quality and standards.”

About HP-S 200W

Safer and More Durable

HP-S 200W undergoes multi-dimensional and all-around rigorous testing, including 18 test items such as power test, static load test, drop test, hot and cold cycle test, humidity freeze test, damp heat test, and leakage test to ensure its comprehensive performance.

High Strength and Mechanical Requirements

HP-S 200W and the same series of solar panels have been subjected to stress mechanical durability tests. This test confirms the module’s electrical, terminal, and mechanical durability and ensures that it will operate robustly for the duration of outdoor exposure.

Sunpower Solar Cells, 24.4% High Efficiency

Sungold 200w portable solar panel is powered by sunpower solar cells known for their superior high performance, and through advanced photovoltaic lamination technology, it achieves higher module quality and cell performance, realizing a high power generation efficiency of up to 24.4%, providing users with an even better charging experience.

Paired with a portable power station, this 200W solar panel provides users with an efficient and convenient solar charging solution for a variety of outdoor activities and portable power needs.

Plug and Play, Easy to Set Up

The Sungold Foldable 200 watt solar panel comes with an MC4 connector and a 3 meter cable, allowing users to connect the charge controller to many types of batteries or portable power stations in the simplest way possible, making it ideal for mobile systems that require flexibility.

It is ideal for mobile systems that require flexibility and can be used in off-grid environments such as RVs, camping, yachts and other off-grid environments for a wide range of applications.

Superior Low-light Performance

Sungold 200W foldable solar panel is designed with highly efficient SunPower solar cells and a built-in bypass diode that prevents the reverse flow of current, thus ensuring that the panel maintains a high level of efficacy even in partial shade or weak sunlight. It also reduces the impact of hotspot effect, which can better maintain its performance and lifetime.200 watt solar panel is not only considered for performance, but also for safety and reliability.

5 Hours of Sun, Power for 1 Kwh

A 200w solar panel can generate 1kwh of power in five hours of direct sunlight, enough to power lighting, cell phone charging, mini-fridges, laptops and other low-power electronic devices in RVs and campers. .

The folded size is only 1065*560*50mm, taking up little storage space and weighing only 7.38kg, making it lightweight and easy to carry. It is the ideal solar panel for off-grid living in terms of both performance and appearance.

About Sungold

With over 16 years of development and manufacturing experience, Sungold Solar has grown to become one of North America’s leading solar suppliers of RV and camping solar panels and off-grid solutions.

Sungold solar offers a full line of high quality solar panels, including portable, rigid, and flex solar panels, to provide consistent and cost-effective off-grid solar solutions for RV, camping, marine, and other outdoor activities.




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