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In the Spring of Inscription in 2024: Inscribe brings ordinary people the latest opportunity to get rich.

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In the Spring of Inscription in 2024: Inscribe brings ordinary people the latest opportunity to get rich.

January 17
18:45 2024

At the end of 2023, the blockchain field witnessed an unprecedented star: inscribed text. This innovation has radically transformed the foundational logic of Web3 and the metaverse, sparking a new wave of wealth creation. It has made it possible for many ordinary people to achieve a miraculous class transition today when the class structure is highly consolidated

The journey from a mere 350 yuan to a staggering 14 million yuan illustrates how inscriptions have revolutionized destinies.

In the first half of the year, when the ORDI inscription was first minted, it initially garnered little attention, dozens of transfers in the WeChat group were left unattended. However, a factory worker, watching everyone talking excitedly in the group, invested 350 yuan in 30,000 ORDI. He then returned to his routine, forgetting about his investment, until one day, when he learned that ORDI’s value had soared on Binance. This unexpected windfall meant he no longer needed to work at the factory.

If this lucky person has retained his investment into 2024, the value of his 30,000 ORDI could reach near 20 million yuan, utterly transforming his life.

As the inscription track becomes increasingly popular, similar stories of sudden wealth continue to emerge with the rising popularity of inscriptions. For example, a Twitter user known as “Two Degrees Below Zero” shared that his investment in SATS, bought for 0.6 BTC in October, appreciated over 20 times to 13 BTC in just two months. However, he is not the only one who has made a lot of money. Community members also bought 300 billion SATS from August to September, with the highest gain exceeding 170 times

The RATS inscription has created a wealth-making dream of 5,000 yuan to 1 million yuan in just half a month!The appearance of inscriptions has brought many ordinary people closer to financial freedom, sometimes just 350 yuan or half a month away.

2024 is the era of inscriptions, providing an unprecedented opportunity for ordinary people to increase their wealth.

As we enter the critical period from 2023 to 2024, we have witnessed a significant change in blockchain technology related to inscriptions. 2024 marks the era of inscriptions, symbolizing a triumph of wealth and community consensus.

This transformation presents an unprecedented opportunity for ordinary individuals to enhance their wealth, as inscriptions redefine the relationship between on-chain data and value, addressing the asymmetric positions between retail investors and large capital.

Now expanding beyond the BRC-20 field to major mainstream public chains, inscriptions are flourishing. In particular, the DRC-20 inscription protocol on the DOGE chain, consistently “nurtured” by the world’s wealthiest man, Elon Musk, has garnered significant attention. We firmly believe that on the DOGE chain, with a stronger community consensus, there will be more brilliant and benevolent wealth creation than on BRC-20

A new generation of inscriptions based on the DOGE chain, Inscribe is a game of wealth creation where everyone is equal.

The development of inscriptions will also usher in profound changes in 2024. The new generation of inscriptions based on the DOGE chain, Inscribe, is an equal-opportunity wealth creation game. Experts predict that the next hotspots for inscriptions will be technology and application, with the first innovative inscription, Inscribe, issued by DOGE being a prime example.

Inscribe, a DRC-20 inscribed asset, is issued by Inscribe exchange, an inscribed asset aggregation platform based on the DOGE blockchain ecosystem. Built on a non-directional asset trading protocol (a blockchain asset trading based Rollup technology solution), it aims to provide a decentralized trading experience similar to CEX, making inscribed assets easier to access and trade.

By providing high-quality UI/UX, Inscribe exchange will be able to meet the “intent” of users’ inscription transactions with low barriers to entry. The unique and innovative concept is making Inscribe exchange a leader in this field.

The launch of the Inscribe asset model separates token deployment from token minting, effectively preventing VC capital and market manipulators from cutting the grass through cheap operations. Inscribe represents the future of new finance and a fair wealth creation game.

Inscribe has groundbreaking underlying technology advantages.

The Inscribe platform inherits the security of the PoW consensus (implemented through Rollup, not sidechains), provides a trust-free bridge, and ensures complete data availability on the DOGE public chain (implemented through zk-Rollup). It offers programmers programming convenience and portability (implemented through EVM compatibility) while enabling everyone to easily enjoy a variety of blockchain-based services, including token issuance, decentralized exchanges, digital certificates, and more.

The arrival of the DRC-20 Inscribe on Dogecoin presents another chance to join the Dogecoin wealth movement

Elon Musk keeps saying that once we’re living on Mars, DOGE will be the currency of the Red Planet. Given Musk’s track record of turning visionary ideas into reality, many believe in the potential of Dogecoin as Mars’ primary blockchain, with Inscribe poised to play a significant role. Investing in Inscribe now could be akin to investing in the assets of the Mars era.

Following Musk, the world’s wealthiest individual, has proven fruitful for those who trusted his vision and invested in Dogecoin early, achieving wealth and financial freedom.

With the arrival of the DRC-20 Inscribe, here’s another chance to hop on the Dogecoin wealth train. Why pass it up? No need for more talk—just grab it now to secure your piece!

Catching Inscribe now is like planting a single seed in spring and reaping a bounty come fall

With the Bitcoin ETF already approved and the epic double benefits of Bitcoin halving, the blockchain is poised for another massive bull market. Despite the short history of inscriptions, it’s still in the early stages of development. 2024 is set to be the true inaugural year for inscriptions, with the potential for significant growth. The minor bull market at the end of 2023 may just be a precursor to a more substantial surge.

Seizing the early bird bonus period and confidently getting in on Inscribe, a potential leader in the inscription race, is a crucial opportunity for ordinary folks to rapidly climb the social ladder. This chance might be once-in-a-lifetime, and missing it could mean missing out on substantial returns.

Keep in mind, inscription investments often don’t yield returns in mere hundreds or thousands of times, but in tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of times! Ambushing Inscribe now is like planting a seed in spring and reaping a bountiful harvest in autumn. Even if it doesn’t work out, it’s worth a shot.

Currently, Inscribe has established a TG community in the Chinese area, with tens of thousands of members already active. Join it to stay updated on the latest project developments:

Inscribe purchase tutorial

Currently, Inscribe can be purchased on the Unielon platform. Below, I will teach you how to purchase Inscribe step by step.

On your computer, open the Unielon website using Google Chrome:

As shown in the figure below, click Connect Wallet on the upper right corner to connect the wallet.

A prompt will pop up, asking you to install the Unielon Wallet first, click Install

As shown in the figure below, enter the Google App Store, click “Add to Chrome”, and install the Google plugin.

After installation, click on the Unielon Wallet icon on the browser, as shown in the image below, which is the initial interface of the familiar Google Chrome plugin wallet, similar to the common MetaMask fox. Click Create new wallet to create a new wallet.

The following steps are common for displaying the mnemonic phrase, saving the mnemonic phrase, and creating a wallet. After saving the mnemonic phrase, check the I saved My Secret Recovery Phrase box in the image below, and then click Continue, just click Continue to continue.

Okay, the wallet has been successfully created.which points to the Dogecoin wallet address. Click to copy this address, go to Binance, OKX, and other exchanges to purchase Dogecoin, and withdraw the coins to this address.

Now we return to the Unielon website and click the Connect Wallet button in the upper right corner again. A wallet confirmation window will pop up, as shown below. Click Connect to confirm the connection.

The website will successfully log in, and the connected Dogecoin wallet address will be displayed on the upper right corner of the website.

Click on Wdoge in the menu above the website, as shown below. Here we first need to convert Doge into Wdoge, enter the amount to be converted, click Swap – Confirm – Sign & Send in order to complete the conversion.

Next, we can use Wdoge to exchange to Inscribe. Click on Swap in the menu at the top of the website, select to purchase using Wdoge, and then search for Inscribe as shown below. Select Inscribe.

Please see the figure below, enter the quantity you want to purchase, click Swap – Confirm Swap – Sign & Send in order to complete the purchase.

Congratulations! By successfully acquiring the sought-after Inscribe, you’ve officially positioned yourself as a potential leader in the Inscribe track. Now, all that’s left is for the bull market to blossom, and for wealth to be earned effortlessly!

Link to the tutorial video for Inscribe purchase:

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