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Onyx BOOX Awarded the Best Selling Color ePaper Brand by E Ink

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Onyx BOOX Awarded the Best Selling Color ePaper Brand by E Ink

January 17
17:56 2024

E Ink Corporation, the preeminent manufacturer of electronic paper (ePaper) displays, has recently bestowed The Best Seller of E Ink Color Products of 2023 upon Onyx BOOX, the leading brand of ePaper products worldwide. Onyx BOOX is renowned for its adaptability and Android-based operating system. Since 2020, it has been releasing color ePaper products, accumulating substantial expertise and eminence in manufacturing and marketing of color ePaper tablets.

Since its establishment in 1997, E Ink Corporation has been the most experienced supplier of electronic ePaper screens. Kaleido, its color electronic paper technology, was developed in 2009. Kaleido 3, the third generation of the iterative Kaleido technology, has emerged as the sole color ePaper technology capable of sustaining massive production. Utilizing the opportunity, Onyx BOOX incorporated the technology into its ePaper products for productivity. It has introduced four color ePaper products in 2023, including the Tab Ultra C, Tab Mini C, Tab Ultra C Pro, and the best-selling tablet, Note Air3 C, all featuring the most recent Kaleido 3 color display.

These devices powered by the versatile Android operating system have just ushered in a vibrant new era for ePaper. By incorporating innovative features such as the Smart Scribe, a screen featuring 4,096 relaxing hues, and robust tools for note-taking, reading, and multitasking, they provide customers with an entirely new viewing and using experience and gain the affection of the public. With its flexible products and color ePaper tablets, Onyx BOOX fortified its castle with impregnable moats and made the competition irrelevant.

Onyx BOOX, an internationally recognized brand of ePaper products, has maintained a partnership with E Ink for more than fifteen years, ever since the former’s inception in 2008. During the period from 2020 to 2021, Onyx BOOX emerged as one of the pioneering brands by introducing its initial color ePaper eReader, Poke2 Color, and manufacturing the initial color ePaper tablet for consumers, Nova3 Color. Furthermore, the company persistently progresses within the industry by introducing novel products, such as Palma, its first mobile ePaper device.

About Onyx Boox

BOOX is a global leading E Ink electronic brand of Onyx that specializes in E Ink tablets and monitors. It offers 6 inches to 13.3 inches E Ink products to assist aspiring, persistent, and innovative users in becoming more productive in work and study without straining their eyes. With cutting-edge hardware and advanced software, BOOX is the world’s only E Ink electronic brand that combines E Ink with Android and provides maximum flexibility. More product information can be found at

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