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ZHAOWEI’s 3.4 mm Planetary Gearbox Series and Industrial Drive Systems Solutions Captured the Spotlight at CES 2024

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ZHAOWEI’s 3.4 mm Planetary Gearbox Series and Industrial Drive Systems Solutions Captured the Spotlight at CES 2024

January 16
16:28 2024

In a dazzling showcase at CES 2024, ZHAOWEI, a forefront micro drive systems manufacturer from China, proudly exhibited its precision, micro and ultra-thin products. The spotlight was on its  Planetary Gearbox Series ranging from 3.4 mm to 38 mm. Complemented by customizable Micro-drive Systems designed for Consumer Electronics and Smart Homes, these high-performance products took center stage at the world’s most influential tech event.

High-precision Control Drive System for Consumer Electronics Applications: Taking Precision to a Whole New Level

In the dynamic landscape of consumer electronics and smart home industries, the integration of cutting-edge technologies like AI, 5G, and Metaverse has ushered in an era where daily electronic devices are evolving towards intelligent, lightweight, and personalizedsolutions.

Drive Systems for Smart Wearable Applications

ZHAOWEI Drive System for VR IPD Adjustment intelligently adapts the gearbox input speed, torque, and reduction ratio to cater to the inter-pupillary distance (IPD) variations among different user groups. It offers gear transmission adjustments from 2 to 4 stages, enabling a precise adjustment of 0.05 mm per second. Beyond its impressive precision, this system boasts low noise output and ensures a stable IPD adjustment, creating a seamless transition for users into a world where virtuality and reality are integrated.

ZHAOWEI Drive System for Smart Shoe takes innovation to new heights. This ingenious design drives the output shaft to rotate through a combination of worm gear helical teeth transmission and a four-stage parallel gear transmission. The output shaft is connected to the shoelace disk to intelligently tie shoelaces.

Drive Systems for 3C Electronics Applications

In the fast-paced evolution of 3C Electronics products, the spotlight is shifting towards novel appearances, innovative operation modes, and personalized designs. To meet the demand for precise control in the elevation of 3C Electronics applications, ZHAOWEI Mobile Phone Elevating Camera Drive System adopts a stepper motor, a planetary reducer and a lead screw. It achieves stable and low-noise lifting of the camera, as well as addresses the challenge of placing the front camera on full-screen devices within limited space, boasting a thickness of only 4.6 mm.

ZHAOWEI also introduced its Mobile Phone Stretchable Screen Drive System and Lifting Transmission Mechanism for E-cigarettes Cartridge. The Mobile Phone Stretchable Screen Drive System integrates precision gearboxes with motors, giving rise to a micro-drive module with large torque output. The result is a stable and reliable mechanism capable of smoothly pushing and stretching flexible screens.

ZHAOWEI Lifting Transmission Mechanism for E-cigarettes Cartridge adopts a 4 mm planetary gear design. This cutting-edge mechanism achieves the lifting movement of the E-cigarettes cartridge. Contrasted with traditional mechanical push-pull hiding methods, the electric lift not only adds a layer of convenience but also embodies a more advanced approach, enhancing the overall service life of E-cigarettes.

Strong Drive Power Source for Smart Home Products: Outputting large torque in the limited Space

In daily life, machine-assisted cleaning and automatic cleaning have long supplanted manual methods in various scenarios. Achieving optimal cleaning results necessitates machines that can output substantial torque to tackle dirt effectively, coupled with the flexibility to control the angle of the cleaning tool. Recognizing this demand, ZHAOWEIs drive systems for smart home industry launched at CES 2024 were crafted to serve as a strong power source, ensuring unparalleled performance for client’s applications.

Drive System for Floor Sweeping Robot

ZHAOWEI drive system for floor sweeping robot stands out with an optimized gear profile that effectively mitigates motor damage caused by hair entanglement, elevating the service life of the product. The innovative transmission structure can achieve high torque with low noise, ensuring reliable performance.

Drive System for Floor Scrubbing Machine

Revolutionizing the floor care industry, ZHAOWEI drive system for floor scrubbing machine consists of a DC motor and a gear parallel transmission mechanism. With the option of a high-performance motor, it achieves a coordinated cleaning process for the floor scrubber brush and suction nozzle. Moreover, this product is customizable to meet customer demands, offering the possibility of incorporating dust and waterproof functions for added versatility and durability.

Drive System for Pool Cleaning Robot

Harnessing the power of a brushless motor and a multi-stage transmission gearbox, this innovative system enables forward, backward, and turning movements, ensuring efficient and thorough pool cleaning. The product’s versatility shines as it can be equipped with a specialized cleaning brush, enhancing its capability to clean not only the pool floor but also hard-to-reach corners with precision.

Drive System for Mower Robot

ZHAOWEI drive system for mower robot drive system utilizes a brushless motor and a multi-stage transmission gearbox to reduce speed and increase torque. This mechanism provides powerful driving force that propels the rotation of the lawnmower robots wheels, enabling forward, backward, and rotational movements.

ZHAOWEI is proud to launch these high-performance gearbox series and tailored drive systems solutions for consumer electronics and smart home at CES 2024.Said Jürgen Ludwig, Managing Director of ZHAOWEI German Branch (ZW Drive GmbH). Speaking with enthusiasm, Ludwig expressed that these innovations are specifically crafted to address the pain points in the related  industries. Looking ahead, Ludwig shared ZHAOWEI’s commitment to the future, revealing plans to establish an office in the United States. This strategic move aims to empower the sustainable development of the local industry and foster collaboration with customers worldwide. ZHAOWEI envisions a future where their cutting-edge solutions contribute to creating a smarter and better world.

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