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Thinker Liu Haofeng reveals: mathematical decryption of man and the universe

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Thinker Liu Haofeng reveals: mathematical decryption of man and the universe

June 02
05:08 2022
(China reporter: Liu xiyong)

Recently, the reporter was informed that the founders, well – known thinkers, artists Liu Haofeng and the world art master Wu Guanzhong were selected in the world’s first multi – volume Chinese and English version of the large – scale character “World Celebrity Records”. The book was edited by the World Chinese Exchange Association and the World Culture and Art Research Center. Since its publishing in 1997, it has had a wide and far – reaching impact in the world. The former vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress Wang Guangying, Cheng Siyuan, Lu Jiaxi, Wu Jieping, Chen Muhua, Lei Jieqiong, Zeng Xianzi, Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, and Ma Wanqi, former vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference encouraged.

The reporter learned that Liu Haofeng is not only the founder of the ideological system of the learning ideology, but also an internationally renowned artist and a writer poet. He has extraordinary academic achievements in some cross – field. Today, the world is facing a fierce conflict between religious and cultural conflicts and the civilization of east to west. Especially recently, the Russian and Ukraine War in Europe has led people to be full of deep concerns about the future and peaceful development of the world. Liu Haofeng believes that behind all these conflicts, the deepest is the conflict of spiritual beliefs, and thereby extending the political, economic and cultural geopolitical and military conflict. How to let people get rid of the constraints of various cultural and civilized external forms and ways of thinking, and to realize the unity of internal value is the correct path of human beings to achieve long -term peaceful coexistence. In this regard, Liu Haofeng made full use of experimental data and logical reasoning in his studies, revealing the scientific relationship between man and the universe, man and God, and restoring religion into cosmic science, making people inspiring.

According to Liu Haofeng,”Russell paradox” mathematically proves the universal holographic principle that man, as a small universe, contains as much information as the big universe. Cantor set theory principle, two infinite sets, one-to-one correspondence. And two concentric circles are isomorphic, and the rays emitted from them correspond one by one. It proves that the unity of cosmos and man pursued by Chinese culture, Confucianism and Taoism, and the unity of man and God or Allah pursued by Christian culture and Islamic culture are a scientific relationship between man and cosmic life or God to establish life energy. All kinds of religious theologies in the world that conform to the principle of the unity of cosmos and man are essentially the same cosmic science. This scientific demonstration has declassified the core password of the highest wisdom of Chinese culture, the unity of cosmos and man, and provided a solution path and method for resolving the religious conflict in today’s world, the separation between religion and science for centuries, and realizing the unity of all religions and the reconciliation between religion and science.

The same principle between cosmos and man: the principle of cosmic holography

“Russell paradox” points out that in the infinite set of natural numbers, the subset contains as much information as the parent set, which proves that human spiritual life, as an infinite subset, contains as much information as the infinite parent set of the universe. It proves that in the infinite motion system, the part contains as much information as the whole universe, which is the principle of cosmic holography.

so, the universe holographic principle, which has been fully demonstrated mathematically, proves that the cognitive “my heart is the universe”, which has been held as the standard in the Neo Confucianism of the song and Ming Dynasties of Chinese culture, is a cosmic science that connects psychology and physics and rejuvenates light. It has directly set up a great scientific banner for Chinese culture and witnessed the revival of contemporary Chinese culture. Mind sciece is not metaphysics, but great science. The relationship between mind and matter is a dialectical and unified relationship that can be transformed into each other. The revival of contemporary Chinese culture should be re understood and respected by the whole world.

It promotes the cognition and development of psychology and astrophysics. On the contrary, reasoning shows that “the universe is my heart”, and everything in the universe is in my heart. Their common scientific basis is cosmic holography. This principle establishes that there is a logical relationship between heaven or the universe or the creator God and all living beings.

Without this scientific principle as the cultural foundation, human beings have no foundation in the universe, no cultural inheritance, no religion, no science and civilization, and no future.

In fact, this principle provides a scientific basis for the divination principle of the “book of changes”. It is precisely because human mind, as a way of spiritual movement, can explore the good and bad news of a certain state of affairs from the divination corresponding to the principle of cosmic evolution. The book of changes is a great science left by the ancients to future generations to understand the truth of the universe and seek good fortune and avoid evil in the world.

This principle confirms that man is a small universe and the universe is the mother universe that created everything.

In addition to this mathematical logic relationship, which can deduce and prove the internal relationship between man and the universe, what kind of scientific cognition can prove and restore the internal relationship between man and the universe?

Isomorphism between cosmos and man: the principle of symmetry of energy structure between cosmos and man

Russell sets also have the properties of partial and global Isomorphism:

Among them, each part is the same as the whole, so the whole and part can establish one-to-one correspondence and are isomorphic to each other:This can also be prove by the “fractal structure” from American mathematician Mandelbrot.The properties shown in Russell sets not only prove the universal holography, but also prove that their own subsets can establish “partial and global isomorphism” with one-to-one correspondence with themselves. This proves the isomorphism principle of heaven and man mathematically.

In addition, modern science and technology found that 96% of human body weight is organic matter and water, 4% is composed of inorganic elements, 23% is organic matter, and the water content of human cells is 73%;

Comparison of energy element structure between man and universe

Modern cosmology studies through gravitational lens, the formation of large-scale structure in the universe and microwave background radiation show that the part of the universe recognized by human beings accounts for only about 4% of the universe, dark matter accounts for 23% of the universe, and 73% is a kind of dark energy that leads to the accelerated expansion of the universe.

The comparison of the energy structure between man and the universe is very intuitive, which once again solves the close relationship between man and the universe from the physical level: man is a small universe, and the universe is the largest giant in the void; This proves that the cognition of “isomorphism between cosmos and man” in “The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine” is a great scientific classic passed on by the ancient Chinese.

The unity of cosmos and man: the conservation of mental energy and the principle that the heart pole must be reversed

The principle of “one-to-one correspondence in concentric circle reconstruction” in mathematical geometry points out that two concentric circles overlap and isomorphism, and the rays emitted from the center of the circle show a one-to-one correspondence. This geometric relationship can be proved by Cantor’s set theory that there is a one-to-one mathematical relationship between two infinite sets.

This mathematical principle proves that if the leaves on a tree want to grow continuously, they must absorb energy and water from the root, and must be in a concentric relationship with the tree in order to blossom and bear fruit. This principle explains that Buddhism “one leaf, one grape, one sand and one world” is cosmic science. If people want to blossom and bear fruit on the big tree of the universe, they need to absorb a steady stream of energy from the root of the universe, and they must be in harmony with the heaven. This cultural code is called “grape Heart” by Buddhists, which is full of the great circle of all sentient beings in the universe, so as to achieve the corresponding relationship of concentric circle isomorphism with the universe – harmony between heaven and man.

Therefore, the so-called grape Heart of Buddhism, the universal love of Christ, the compassion of Islam, the inaction of Taoism and the great love of Confucianism are the cosmic science to realize the unity between man and heaven or the universe or God and form a one-to-one correspondence between concentric circles. All mainstream orthodox religions must follow this principle, because it is the scientific basis for man to establish an energy relationship with the universe as a small universe。

Finally, liuhaofeng lamented to the reporter that it is a pity that the password of Chinese culture has been misinterpreted over time. Some people, even in cultural comparison, are not looking for the connection between each other, but increasing their differences, which distorts the understanding of cultural values, creates cultural conflicts, and becomes the biggest obstacle for mankind to achieve sustainable and peaceful development. (source: China literature and art daily)

Introduction to thinker liuhaofeng:

Born in Hunan Province, China; founder of harmonious theory.  Ideologist, philosopher, critic, artist, writer, chief contributor of journalist, director of newspaper office and managing editor.  Members of the Chinese Society of Logic and the Chinese Society for Dialectics of Nature.  Academic direction: modernization and globalization of Chinese culture. Academic achievements: mathematically crack the secret of “the theory that man is an integral part of nature”, the highest wisdom of Chinese culture, demonstrate the “unity of all religions” with mathematical logic, and transform the logical opposition between Chinese and Western cultures into a complementary relation. Discover the “principle of ultimate efficiency equilibrium” in economics.  Received the only “China Economic and Cultural Innovation Person Award” in the 2018 annual conference of China Economic Personage.  Works: China’s Economy and People’s Life in the WTO, Taking Internet as Home, Anthology of Chinese Cultural Renaissance (three volumes), Introduction to Harmonious Theory, Principles of Aesthetic Science, Promotion of the World Renaissance, Darkness and Day (Trilogy), Harmonious Theory – Inheritance and Innovation of Chinese Culture.  Published millions of words on news, current politics, literary and philosophy.  Outstanding Contribution Person for World Culture and United Nations Outstanding Contribution Award for Oriental Culture in 2017. In 2022, it was listed in the world who’s who.

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